Solar Roof Vent

Save on your electricity bill by adding our solar roof vent. Our product harnesses the power of the sun to provide an energy-efficient solution to your home container or office container ventilation needs. As a result, you’ll see a decrease in your monthly electricity bill.

Work with our custom design team! We can offer suggestions and examples from past projects. The process is simple and quick. If you can imagine it, we can build it, better

  • 10-year warranty on new containers and fabrications
  • 5-year warranty on used/refurbished containers and fabrications
  • The solar roof vent is an all-in-one unit that is designed to lower your shipping container temperatures and stop damage from moisture.
  • This product is designed with a 30 watt panel which can be adjusted to ensure that powerful air flow is circulated throughout the storage container, making it an excellent choice for ventilation.
  • You can either prop the panel up at a 45 degree tilt, or detach it and place it somewhere distant so that it can get the most out of the sun’s rays.
  • This aluminum body is designed to be extremely long-lasting and rust-proof, eliminating the need for frequent maintenance. Optional snap-on thermostat for use in colder climates.