Solar Panels

Solar power kit for shipping container. A plug-n-play solution that can be used as standalone 110 V power supply or redundant system with public power. This kit can be connected to existing office containers or any electrical package. Easy DIY installation. Add 110 V power supply to run A/C, computers, lights, microwave and more.

The solar package uses energy generated by the sun to power shipping container.

Call our solar power specialists at (877) 616-2046 to summarize the power consumption of your devices or click the typical power consumption tab below to calculate your power output.

  • Plug-n-play installation
  • 300 watt panels
  • NEMA rated battery enclosure
  • 6 V 240 Ah maintenance-free deep cycle batteries
  • 3000 watt power inverter with two 110 V outlets
  • MPPT charge controller
  • Optional automatic transfer switch from public to off grid power source
  • Optional 6000 watt power inverter with four outlets
  • Optional LI-ION batteries
  • Optional sun tracker
  • Optional wifi hotspot
  • Optional surveillance system
  • Optional outdoor light
  • 10-year warranty on new containers and fabrications
  • 5-year warranty on used/refurbished containers and fabrications