BARD Air Conditioners

BARD Manufacturing is renowned for their excellence in the HVAC sector, providing outstanding products, pioneering technology and unequalled performance in their heating and cooling products. Their esteemed reputation for robust reliability and performance is unsurpassed. We offer an extensive range of models, tailor-made to suit your requirements, the location and available space. Most of the units require a custom installation.

Team up with our creative custom design experts. We have tons of ideas and samples from our previous projects that we can show you. The process is super easy and fast. If you can imagine it, we can build it, better.

Please forward a serial number of the required unit to our sales team for a quote. The complete list can be found here.

The most commonly used BARD models are:

  • WA*S/WL*S
  • W18AA-W72AB / W18LA-W72LB
  • W3RV2-W6RV2 / W3LV2-W6LV2
  • W48A23-W60A23
  • W12AAA
  • W18A2-W70A2 / W24L2-W70L
  • 10-year warranty on new containers and fabrications
  • 5-year warranty on used/refurbished containers and fabrications